Customer Experience Charting

Current Situation

Organizations typically sell, serve and market to customers without a coordinated enterprise-wide plan or approach. Individual program and product successes or failures are not properly assessed among all enterprise efforts. sales, marketing and customer service do not have the proper tools to effectively evaluate and measure the total customer experience across the enterprise.
Current Approaches and Solutions

CRM and other technology methodologies have been extremely disappointing. We have all read by now that CRM implementations have resulted in an 80% failure rate. Not surprising. CRM software solutions address customer data issues and not customer relationships. In addition, current assessments of customer programs do not incorporate best practices that consider cost, timing and effectiveness on an enterprise level.
Customer Experience  Charting Approach

S.P.Salaway & Associates has developed a methodology to help clients analyze and understand their total customer experience. The core techniques are "process mapping" and "workflow analysis" applied to how a customer interacts with an organization. Our approach produces a picture of the that experience called Customer Experience Charting® .
Customer Experience Charting®  Identifies each touch point that a customer experiences when they interact with your organization. Interaction can include selected or all points of contact (i.e. mail, advertising, store merchandizing, etc.) Touch points are identified and evaluated using current organization and industry best practice results. These touch points can be re-evaluated against the objectives by the enterprise. Hence, producing a "Customer Gap Analysis".
Customer Experience Charting® Sample Benefits

  • Provides a framework for identifying and measuring the total customer experience
  • Considers customer programs and activities throughout  the enterprise 
  • Recommends performance improvement actions for underperforming  programs
  • Suggests new programs and activities based on best practices
  • Allows for better cross functional coordination among any department or division focused on the customer

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